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Super Dungeon Explore!

Hey all, Bruce here with yet another side project I'm working on.

I've recently found myself the proud owner of both the original Super Dungeon Explore board game and the more recent Super Dungeon Explore V2; The Forgotten King.

For those of you who have never seen / played Super Dungeon Explore, it plays like a classic dungeon crawler (think Space Crusade or Hero Quest) but with an adorable Chibi-style anime theme. The game started off as a kick-starter project by "Soda Pop Miniatures" and they are working on a kick-starter for a third game to release at the end of the year.

I came across this game purely by chance, rummaging around the Firestorm Games Store in Cardiff whilst Sam, Charles, Jamie #2 and I were attending the Vale Renegades' most recent tourney which was hosted there. As I was rooting through all the amazing board games, collectables and miniatures I found a little box with a single mini in it. The "Tabbybrook Mage". The model caught my eye immediately as it was so bright, colourful and in the cartoony "chibi" style that I really love.

Unfortunately I was broke as all hell at the time so I couldn't buy it there and then, but I spent most of the journey back from Cardiff googling the models and the brand that produces them. I was delighted to find that the models are additions to a cult board game called Super Dungeon Explore which has a pretty big following due to its cute artwork, balanced game mechanic and fantastic post release support. The original game is currently (as far as I can tell) out of production, and is therefore stupidly expensive to get into, but fortunately the second version of the game "The Forgotten King" is still available and therefore much cheaper to pick up from online retailers. 

Luckily for me, the always helpful Andy from Worcester Wargames managed to hunt me down a copy of the original game whilst my amazing (and long suffering) fiance ordered me a "Forgotten King" set for my birthday. Lucky me. :D

I've picked up a few of the single minis to paint while I waited for the full game to arrive; The Tabbybrook Mage, Captain F (because Zombie Pirates are always awesome), Kaelly the Dark Strider and Hero Candy (who I think seems to be the Soda Pop's mascot).

The Models themselves are absolutely adorable and the paint sits really well on the plastic. I gave each of the models a quick wash (not sure if this was necessary but I did it out of force of habit) and gave them all an undercoat of Games Workshop grey primer.

With only one game under my belt so far, I can't really comment on the internal balance of the game. There was one point where Damien (who was playing as Captain F) got a certain combo of treasure that let him walk though walls, nuke all the bad guys in the room and then walk back out again, which was pretty brutal until the mini-boss came along and stole his equipment.  The most important thing I can take away from the one game that I have played is that everyone spent the whole time laughing, telling jokes and generally enjoying themselves, so I can definitely say that the game is fun.

I'll be running a few more games down at Worcester Wargames over the next few weeks, so if anyone fancies a game, just drop us message down below or contact us on our Facebook page.



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