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Worcester Wargames 40K Doubles .

It's that time of year again! The Six Up Save lads are painting last mintue details and packing our carry cases in preparation for another one of Worcester Wargames awesome local Tournaments.

This years contest comes with a twist; the doubles teams will be paired up at random! From what we are given to understand Andy (the TO) is pairing people up with respective armies (Imperium with Imperium, Orks with Orks etc) but we wont know exactly who our teammates are until the morning of the Tourney.

The day will consist of 3 games, one person on each team will be playing Maelstrom objectives and his teammate will be playing for standard objectives on the same board, so it will be an interesting mix up of normal game rules.

I'm taking my Redeemer's, but due to lack of time / laziness I'm just taking the exact same list as my Six Up Save League. It's hardley optimised for competitive gameplay, but its fun, fluffy and means I don't have to stress about painting anything.>_<

The Redeemers

HQ - Librarian, Jump Pack, Force Axe, Pistol.
Elite - Furioso, Frag Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Droppod.
Elite - Death Company (x7), Jump Packs, Power fist, Powersword.
Troop - Sniper Scouts (x5) Camo cloaks.
Troop - Tac Squad (x10) Flamer, Heavy Flamer, Combi-flamer, Poersword, Rhino.
Fast - Assault Marines (x10) Jump Packs, Melta, Melta, Inferno Pistol, Inferno Pistol.

Jamie's Space Wolves

HQ - Rune Priest,PMLv1, Rune Axe
Elites - Dreadnought, Multi-Melta, Drop Pod
Troops - Blood Claws (x5) Meltagun, Drop Pod
Troops - Grey Hunters (x10)Drop Pod,Meltagun, Meltagun
Fast Attack - Stormwolf, Twin-linked Multi-Meltas
Fast Attack - Thunderwolf Cavalry (x3) Melta Bombs
Fast Attack - Thunderwolf Cavalry (x3) Frost Sword 

Damien's Orks

HQ: Big Mek, Choppa, Kustom Force Field
Troops: Boys (x10) Bosspole, Powa Klaw, Trukk
Troops: Boys (x10) Bosspole, Powa Klaw, Trukk
Lord of War: Kustom Stompa, Big Shoota, Big Shoota, Deff Kannon, Supa-Gattla, Flamebelcha, Powerfield, Titan C/C Weapon.

Stone's Tzeench Daemons

HQ: Kairos Fateweaver
HQ: Herald of Tzeench
HQ: Herald of Tzeench
Troop: Pink Horror (x16)
Troop: Pink Horror (x16)
Heavy: SoulGrinder, Harvester Cannon, Phlem Bombardment, Iron Claw.

Martin's Eldar

I've decided to stay away from the temptation to take an army of Wraith Knights/Guard with D-Weapons, so I've used my League list with just a small change in the hope that whoever I get paired up with brings all the big guns, giving us both the speed of my list plus the heavy firepower of theirs.

Ive taken a Craftworld Warhost which gives my units a guaranteed 6" run

Within the detachment Ive got:
Windrider Host (Giving me Shred on my Shuriken weapons once per game):
Skyrunner Fareer
Vyper with Brightlance, Shuriken Cannon and Holo-fields
Skyrunner Warlock
3x 4man Windriders, all upgraded with Shuriken Cannons

Aspect Host (All units in this formation get +1 BS)
4x Dark Reapers and an Exarch. The reapers are equipped with Starshot missiles and the Exarch has an Eldar missile Launcher.
4x Fire Dragons and an Exarch
5x Warp Spiders and an Exarch

Sam's List

Taken lots of FW goodness for a hopefully well rounded list due to the unpredictability of a random partner and different missions.

Level 3 Pysker to roll on Malefic, Pyromancy and Telepathy
Spell Familiar
Terminator Armour
Burning brand

two squads of 5 marines
Rhino with Combi Melta and Bolter
Melta gun
Combi Melta, Lightning Claw, Melta Bomb on Sergeants

Nurgle spawn x 1
Nurgle spawn x 1
Nurgle spawn x 1

Fire Raptor with Reaper Cannons
Relic Predator with Plasma Destroyer
Rapier Platform with Cyclothrane Conversion Beamer

Should have a bit of everything whilst retain an Iron Warriors feel to the list


  1. It can safely be said that everyone had a great day at the Tournament!! A massive Thankyou to Mike from Code40K and Andy from Worcester Wargames for running the event. Six Up Save memebers did extremely well on the day with Sam and his partner winning, Martin and his partner coming in 2nd and Dae and his partner taking 3rd. Just to add to this Paul's Army took the prize for best painted and he also won the wooden spoon award!!

    Congrats to all!!

  2. Glad you all had a good time official results will be posted up today. Cheers Mike


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