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Escape From Eidolon

-A Warhammer 40K doubles tournament- -Sunday 14th August 2016- -1000 points per player (2000 per team)- -St Swithuns hall- The Trinity Worcester WR1 2PN

The Return of the Wulfen!!

Greetings all,

Jamie #1 Here, I have been working on my Wulfen for the last 2 weeks and have almost finished them, just small details to touch up. Then it dawned on me that since it is a miracle that I have actually painted something within a couple of weeks of buying it, I should celebrate with a blog post.

First off I had some issues with getting the body on the legs, the whole assembly was odd if im honest but did allow for some customization. You are given all the weapons you can dream of so all the frost and hammers that a space wolf could want.

After finally getting everything assembled which did take a ridiculous amount of time (Most likely due to my own abilities) while following the handy instructions that were provided, I had a 5 Man squad of Wulfen ready to tear something part... Once they get painted that is but that's a small detail in my world.

I have to say these models where quite fun to paint all be it fiddly and frustrating at times, with weapons and pelts gettin…

Doubles Tournament

Hey Guys,

Six Up Save will be hosting a doubles tournament on Sunday 14th August.

Just a few more things to sort out before we can announce the details....we will update you asap!