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Who Are Six Up Save?

We are a small group of table-top game enthusiasts  from across the West Midlands, The Six Up Save boys get together once a week or so to drink beer, talk smack and wage war. We mostly play Warhammer 40k, but we will also be covering games like X-Wing, Dead Man's Hand, Super Dungeon Explore, Sigmar, and Batman Knight Minis.

This blog will (hopefully) follow our exploits across inter-group leagues, local and national tournaments, as well as taking a focused look at our armies, list building guides, painting tips and neat conversion ideas.

We have a diverse bunch of members, some who have been playing for years and some who have very recently started. Some of us are more into the modelling side of the hobby, where others prefer to focus more on the gaming side of things. 

Although some of us do enjoy the tournament scene, most of our games are casual, fluffy or narrative led games. It is my hope to post bat reps with pictures or links to our YouTube channel so you can enjoy the stories we create on the tabletop.

Let's take a closer look at our current member roster and their chosen armies:


 Bruce has been playing 40k consistently for about 6 years now and has a sizeable collection of Blood Angels, Tyranids and Necrons.
A relatively recent convert to Age of Sigmar, Bruce also plays Dead Man's Hand, Marvel Universe, Test of Honour, Blood Bowl... the list goes on.

Bruce prefers to play narrative games but he's caught in an Enternal conflict: He hates playing with unpainted models, but he's too lazy to actually paint anything.

Outside of the games store Bruce enjoys photography and is one nuclear accident away from becoming a supervillain.


Sam has been playing 40k for about a two years began by collecting Chaos Daemons, after dabbling in units from each chaos god he has settled on a Nurgle Daemon army. As a result of this he has over 6000 of Nurgle Daemons and they are his favourite army. They are led to war by Dave (Skabba the bloated). Sam also collects 30k pre-heresy Iron Warriors which are can be used as 40k chaos undivided. His current project is a Death Korps of Krieg Seige regiment. 
Games with Sam usually last longer than usual due to talking and sometimes drinking.
Sam runs the late night gaming at Worcester Wargames every Wednesday so if you fancy a game of 40k, Mallifaux, Batman or Dead mans hand drop him a message or speak to him in store.


Matt's been war gaming for over 8 years now over many different gaming systems from Dead Mans Hand, Malifaux, Lord of the Rings and of course the big one... 40K!
He's currently under way with a very large 30k/40k Iron Hands army as my primary army for tournaments and Apocalypse games.


Martin started collecting an Eldar army when he was much younger, playing against his brother who collected an Ork army. He stopped playing for about 15 years before picking it back up again about 3 years ago when his son showed an interest in collecting Space Marines. He now has a little over 8000 points worth of Eldar and has begun a Dark Eldar army. Martin also plays Star Wars X-Wing, Armada, Magic of the Gathering and Warhammer Invasion


Paul plays Necromunda, Gorkakmorka, Blood Bowl and Dead Man's Hand as well as 40k and might dabble in the Batman miniatures game at some point later on.
He's been wargaming since he was 9 but had a 5 year gap at the end of his teenage years due to ladyfolk taking up all his precious time.
He's not as handsome as Bruce but is 72% more gnarly on a skateboard, so he's got that going for him, which is nice.


Jamie#1 has been tabletop gaming for the last 10 years with a gap in the middle. He mainly plays 40k but occasionally dabbles with X-Wing, Armada and Dead Man's Hand. He has recently invested in some Batman Knight Minis, but hasn't had a game yet.
Currently, Jamie is working on a Space Wolf army that totals at over 5000 points and a smaller Snake Bite Ork army that is just over 3000 points.

Charles - (The Beast)

No longer the amateur of the group, Beast has now moved his main army from Nids to Tau. He especially loves Commander Farsight and the Enclave so he will be running a new campaign starting in July. He continues to expand his Tyranid army, with the new Genestealer Cult and plans to do a Psychic Heavy army soon. Recently he has ventured any from 40K into the realms of 30K with a Solar Auxilia army and Marvel Universe Miniatures Game with a full crew of Avengers.


We are lucky to have a celebrity in our little gaming group, many of you will have read the best selling novel, "How to Make Love the Damien Johnson Way". Damien has been wargaming for a long while and has more Orks at his disposal than Saruman the White.    He's recently started work on a Khorne Daemonkin army.

Jamie#2 has been gaming for nearly 25 years (yes he is that old), starting with 40k and fantasy during his youth a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  More recently he has taken up Batman, Warmachine, Freebooters and many more. 
When not dressing as a dinosaur, Jamie#2 can be found avoiding his wife at Worcester Wargames.  This may be due to his wife being substantially better at his beloved wargames than he, despite not knowing a jot about them.
Currently, Jamie#2 is working on a large Heresy World Eater army, led by the Angry Ron.


Jack has been wargaming for almost a decade now, gathering the gigantic Waaagh! that is his Ork force. When not watching cartoons, Lord of the Rings or listening to metal, he's always up for a game of anything. He enjoys painting (as much as you can when you have a hordes of boyz) and modelling the big green fighting machines. Now studying at Loughborough University for an Industrial Design and Technology degree, he comes to game whenever possible and is beginning to diversify his gaming repertoire with Dead Mans Hand, Bolt Action and Marvel Heroes.

Thanks for visiting. Please feel free to comment, leave us feedback and share your own pics, vids or stories in the comments section below. :)


I am Chris. I've been collect 40K for about 4 years now after taking an 8 year break from the hobby. But I am now fully devoted to Khorne and my Chaos collection is up to somewhere around 8,000 points and growing! I also use Khorne Daemonkin for Age of Sigmar and I have a few Imperial ships for X Wing. I can hold my own against most people in games of cider or tequila. Especially tequila.


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