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WIP - The Fortress of Redemption - PART 1

Good morning Wargamers, Bruce here with a work in progress painting guide on my old and dusty Fortress of Redemption.

I bought this thing about 12 months ago on a whim, and (like so many other GW kits) has sat in a box in my gamesroom ever since.  Sam came over the other night and we salvaged the kit, sprayed it up and made a start on getting it up to scratch.

I only occured to us to make a WIP post up here on the Six Up Save blog once we were already a few steps in, so the pictures only kick in once the thing had been basecoated. Fortunatly its a pretty self explanitory step, so theres nothing important missing.

First off we coated the entire thing in GW's "Chaos Black" spray and once it was dry we gave it a second coat in "Mechanicum Grey". The grey coat was done at a sharp angle so as not to fill in the details, which we wanted to leave all shady and atmospheric. Once this was dry we had the start of a really great looking peice of scenery:

Next up we split …

Sams Chaos / 30K bases

Hi guys! Following a tournament recently I realised that my models needed some more work. I am pleased with my models but found their bases lacking.This is also an effort to prevent myself from buying more models and finish off some of my armies. So I am rebasing my entire chaos collection. All 16000 of it! The following is a picture tutorial detailing how I am going to do them.
First off my choices. I wanted to unify my three armies. Tzeentch, Nurgle and Chaos Undivided. To do this required some thought as each of these armies are fairly different. I decided on basing the iron warriors as if they are winning/fighting in a siege, as is their speciality.  To unify my three armies as I want to ally them at will I decided to make it look like the daemons presence is causing reality to crumble and slowly the battlefield slowly shift into a daemonic realm. To represent this I have based them similarly but applied slime and a glow effect at the bottom of the bases. I hope you enjoy these pictu…

Doubles Tourny

Sam here with quick game analysis from the tourny yesterday.

The day was hosted by Andy and Mike (Worcester Wargames and Code 40K) and consisted of three games throughout the day. After submitting lists, we were paired with people who had a similar faction to us. 8 of the Six Up guys were there and we all had a great time.

My first game was against two people who had not been playing an awful lot of 7th edition and ran Guard and Space Marines. My Predators plasma made short work of the Marine players Terminators and the combined efforts of myself and Ben's Chaos Rhinos full of men cut through the Guard. The game ended fairly close due to an unlikely set of saving throws against the marine holding the relic. Hate storm shields! Haha!
Nevertheless, a win is a win and they were fun to play against.

Game two was by far the most fun against Tau that I have ever had, and the most successful. My Fire Raptor tore through crisis teams but we could not do more than dent the three Riptides so w…

Worcester Wargames 40K Doubles .

It's that time of year again! The Six Up Save lads are painting last mintue details and packing our carry cases in preparation for another one of Worcester Wargames awesome local Tournaments.

This years contest comes with a twist; the doubles teams will be paired up at random! From what we are given to understand Andy (the TO) is pairing people up with respective armies (Imperium with Imperium, Orks with Orks etc) but we wont know exactly who our teammates are until the morning of the Tourney.

The day will consist of 3 games, one person on each team will be playing Maelstrom objectives and his teammate will be playing for standard objectives on the same board, so it will be an interesting mix up of normal game rules.

I'm taking my Redeemer's, but due to lack of time / laziness I'm just taking the exact same list as my Six Up Save League. It's hardley optimised for competitive gameplay, but its fun, fluffy and means I don't have to stress about painting anything.&g…

Iron Hands Update!!!

Matt here with a little update on some painting for my Iron Hands that I'm taking to a local torney... shame alot of my paints have dried up with this heat!
 I'll be using this praetor as my Iron Father... A Tech Priest converted to be the Iron Father's servitor.