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Skirmish 2 -The Results

Hi there all, the weekend saw Six Ups Skirmish 2 a competitive tournament of Warhammer 40k. Sam as usual had planned a challenging but fun day complete with Secret Objective cards. Many dice were rolled as some mighty armies and a few cheese boards competed for victory. 
So here are the victors 1st 2nd and 3rd, best painted army and model as well as best sport and the much sort after wooden spoon. 
First up we have Chris Collins who took home our wooden spoon ensuring this mighty trophy was his Chris made an extra tactical decision in his last game to make sure he failed his secret mission listing him tournament points what a legend 
Next we have the painting competition this was judged in two ways. First up Best Painted Army was voted for by the players themselves.  There were some fantastic armies on display but the winner was Tom Baker and his Imperial Knights. 

For the single model category the judging was done by Six Ups Sam and Worcester Wargames own Andy again some hard decisions t…

Tarsis 4, hosted by Geno52 and Incom Gaming

Today Sam went to Cheltenham to join in with 19 other people on a narrative 30k campaign day. This post will review the day, show off some of the armies that attended and detail how each game went for The Iron Warriors. 

First of all I wish to say what a fantastic day that I had. I drove down with Ben Fletcher who was using his warp cult and allied knights and was prepared for a few games of heresy. What I got was three amazing games with friendly and fun opponents. To top this off there was a fluffy element to the whole event running throughout. With people bringing lists which showed off their legions strengths and not following the standard net list builds that you sometimes see in a 40k event.
The event was well thought out and well ran by Tom and Stu. Loyalists vs traitors and a winning team, not individual. Which brought about a sense of comradery.
Here is the list that I took. I made a 2000 and 2500 point list and used the latter twice and the former once.

Game one For game one I pl…