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The XVI Legion the Warmasters Own.

Hi all Jamie 2 here been a while since I did a post so thought I would share what I have been up to lately. At the start of the year I had planned to finish my World Eaters however before I could complete that Betrayal at Calth dropped and I like many other gamers found that Heresey was more affordable than ever.  So armed with a copy of the box and some selection of forge world shoulder pads I got to building.  Then I hit a stumbling block what to paint them as, I could go with Luna Wolves but having already painted one predominately white army I didn't want to do another so Sons of a Horus it was. 

At first  I couldn't find a colour scheme for the green armour that I liked, the Forge World one didn't look right on my test models and all the ones online were to bright I wanted a deep ocean green so I started to experiment and eventually found one I liked. So today I thought I would share how I painted my Sons of Horus and show you all where the army is now.  

First up under…