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Tarsis 4, hosted by Geno52 and Incom Gaming

Today Sam went to Cheltenham to join in with 19 other people on a narrative 30k campaign day. This post will review the day, show off some of the armies that attended and detail how each game went for The Iron Warriors. 

First of all I wish to say what a fantastic day that I had. I drove down with Ben Fletcher who was using his warp cult and allied knights and was prepared for a few games of heresy. What I got was three amazing games with friendly and fun opponents. To top this off there was a fluffy element to the whole event running throughout. With people bringing lists which showed off their legions strengths and not following the standard net list builds that you sometimes see in a 40k event.

The event was well thought out and well ran by Tom and Stu. Loyalists vs traitors and a winning team, not individual. Which brought about a sense of comradery.

Here is the list that I took. I made a 2000 and 2500 point list and used the latter twice and the former once.

Game one
For game one I played a chap called Glen from a group called 'The Overlords'. They traveled from east London for the event.

He was running dark angels which also included the same super heavy killy blast machine that I ran. The Typhon.
Using an onslaught detachmeny I had to go second, which Glen used to put some holes in my list by killing a lot of havocs and taking the typhon down by several hull points. His scorpius was great at killing marines but he was unable to do many wounds to my 20 man tactical squad in the middle.

I managed to return fire and focussing everything on his typhon, killed it dead. Yay warriors!
The mission was about arriving in your opponents deployment zone but sadly for my army. I was not very fast. This was not the case for Glen's Angels. His outflanking rhinos appeared carrying veterans which began to take a foothold in my deployment zone bery quickly. Blowing up my basilisks in the process.

The game had some hilarious moments

My tactical squad taking over 50 quad mortar wounds over 3 turns and only loosing 3 men

Glens veterans surviving 60 bolter shots without taking a wound.

Asside from this squad however, i could not make an armour save to save my life.

End result. Win to the warriors, attrition enabled me to clear my deployment zone and win via kill points. Just.

Game two

I had met Kurt before at the 40k event which he ran earlier in th year so we called each other out for a grudge match

His 2500 list of raven guard includes corax. Who by all accounts is VERY good in combat. Something which I sadly learnt in this game.


Deployment for this game was strange. With kurt ambushing out of the middle and me splitting my forces to either side of the board. 

I was ably to shell his units and whittle his squads down quite well. However he was also doing well on kill points and managed to clear one of my flanks and only narowly missed clearing the other.

His quad mortars stripped wounds off of the typhon.

Corax ran down a 20 man tac squad woth apothocery and preator. In one turn!

His raven guard squad killed my tyrants before they even got to move!

It was a blood bath.

The game ended with a final shot from my one remaining basilisk, which cleared the last wound of corax, winning me the game. Fantastic game!

Game three

After a short break and a tasty burrito we began game three. Traitors were in the lead here and we wanted go keep going. This mission was king of the hill and daen of war deployment. And I was up against Space wolves.

Running them was Jason, another player from East London and a great opponent.


This game most things seemed to go to plan after turn one.

After his scorpius killed all three of my basilisks turn one, everything else I tried to do, just kinda workes.

Popped his tanks

Immobalisef his spartan

Combination of jammy rolling on my part meant that I ended with a solid foothold on the middle objective. And won the game. 


I recieved best sport for the event which I was very pleased to recieve, along with ten of the new tactical marines from the prospero box.

Other prises were given for

Best painted


Best hobby (fluff and modelling) 


Best fluff moment of the weekend.

(No pics sorry)

I had a great time today and will certainly be back for the next one.

Cheers guys!


  1. Had a great game against you today Sam. Always a pleasure, will have to have a game on your home turf and see if it goes the other way.

  2. Sounds good to me :) was such a brutal game! Lots of fun

    Should have perturabo vs corax next time :)


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