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Beards and Badgers: The start of a journey

Paul here

To take a break from painting greenskins and keep myself sane I've decided to delve into a completely new system for something fresh and chose Kings of War.

Decided on Dwarfs after having a gander at Mantics website and spotting the crazy badger saddling Brokk riders. Ordered myself the rulebook and a Dwarf Warsmith to get started and spent the last few nights painting him up.

I Will use the model as a King instead of a warsmith. Here he is, Grinhur Ironborn, King of the Iron Peaks.

I will be grabbing the 2 player battle set soon to use the Dwarfs as a start for my army and use the Undead force to play a few games with the other six up save guys and try and coax them into it so I'm not sat around playing with little bearded men on my own..

I'll be updating my progress on the army and hopefully find a real life badger to saddle up and drunkenly ride around the gaming table.


Sam here wishing everyone a belated happy new year and posting about what 2016 has in store for Six Up Save.
Last year saw the beginning of six up save, a new member to the group, our first group tournament and lots of laughs. This year we almost mirror that in the first two months by hosting a tournament in february and welcoming our tenth member Cat to the group.
It is our current aim to host three tournaments this year. Starting with back to basics in February which limits everyons cad in a minimalistic and nostalgic way. In june we hope to run a doubles tournament in which everyone counts as allies of convenience for some awesome yet unbroken alliances. Finally in september we aim to run another skirmish event, a competitive free for all similar to last years.
As well as our own tournaments we plan on attending Bristol Vanguards Vanquish on the 2nd-3rd of April. Last year Sam, Bruce, Damien and Matt went and had a great time.
We will begin our batman league soon after that which will …

First tourny table created

Sam here with an update on what Damien, Bruce and I have been up to recently.
As we begin to host some tournaments in Worcestershire, a few of us decided that we wanted to make some of our own terrain. We have made enough for two boards and therefore the first Six Up Save terrain has been finished.

Back in January last year, myself and Matt bought a lava gaming mat from Deep Cut Studios but have had no terrain to place on it. Adding to the fact that this board is going to live in Damien's gaming room we thought a Khornate / Daemonic / lava board would be perfect.
Those attending Back To Basics and any of our other events will possibly play on this table. We have built enough to do this and another similar board.

So far we have built:
4 lava filled craters 4 empty craters (not on above board) 3 smaller 6" high volcanoes 1 large double chimney volcano. 9" high 1 large archway (not on above board) 12 rocks 3 towers of rubble for models to be able to climb (not on above boa…

Quick and Easy Orks

Hi all Jamie #2 here with a simple way of getting your green horde on the tabletop. Now I'm not the best painter in the world nor the most patient so if there is a way of getting a model painted quickly I'm going to take it.  This technique works best with batch painting and you will be cranking out units in a matter of hours. 
First up undercoat your model white either with a spray or brush your choice Next is to wash the entire model with Agrax Earthshade and leave to dry. 
Next using Bel Tan Green wash cover all the skin areas, if you want the skin darker just go over this step twice.
While the green is drying you can crack on with blocking out the base colours, as the belts etc are going to be brown you can leave these with just the Earthshade on it, for my model I used black for the boots, mournfang brown on the trousers, rhinox hide for the shirt and hat, Mephiston red for the armband and iron breaker for the metal areas. Feel free to add any other details you want to at thi…