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Death Korps of Krieg 81st

Hey guys Sam here, wanted to put a few pictures up of my current project.

Decided to start an army which has always appealed to me but was above my ability to paint. Its going to take some time to complete but I hope to improve my painting skills and end up with an army of which I am proud to put on a tabletop.
Its worth noting that I do not like decals and stencils are in the post for unit markings. 
So I started off by buying a second hand basilisk to test my paint scheme for the armour.

Using the forge world weathering powders really impressed me here. Alas using a Siege regiment I cannot use the basilisk so will be buying a Colossus to replace this.
I then went on to tackle a command squad consisting of:

Standard bearer

Master of ordnance

Heavy weapon team


These units were really fun to paint, I based them similarly to the daemons and warriors so they can look good together.

Then I began painting an infantry platoon. I have not used the standard infantry models…

Jamie #1's Imperial knights of Fenris!

Greetings Brothers of War, Jamie here with a little project that i'm working on with Sam's help.
I am in the process of constructing 5 Imperial Knights. That's right 5 of the beauts! I plan to have a mix of loadouts to both look great on the shelf and be powerhouses on the tabletop.

Fortunatly I had built a Kinght before, so I already had a good idea how to put them together. I have (with assistance from Sam) managed to magnetize the knights in several places allowing for a wide variety of weapons to be used. The megnets are joining the mid section, shoulders, elbows, the thermal and battle cannon turrets for easy swapping, and the carapace weapon on top.

The clips that normally hold the shoulders on have been cut away to allow a flat surface for the magnet. On the joint I placed a penny to create that flat surface for the magnet. This was fiddly as we needed to make sure that each shoulder magnet was able to attach to all the shoulders for all models. We had to ensure tha…

Chaos vs Xeno - League game report

Hi All,

With the Six Up Save's 2nd League officially started, Sam quickly threw down the Gauntlet for a 3000 point doubles game against him and Dae. Myself and Charles answered this call with our Nids and Eldar armies.

We played on a 6 x 4 board, rolling for the Deadlock Mission and deploying with the Hammer and Anvil setup. Sam and Dae won the roll and, after failing to take the initiative, deployed and started 1st.

 Sam and Dae started putting down some seriously nasty stuff
 Especially this guy!!
 And these guys!!!
 Ooh and that guy over there!!
 Me and Charles Deployed as much in cover as we could to try and reduce the casualties in turn 1
 My Wraithknight stood ready to move forward on either side of the mountain in the middle of the board.
 All units deployed, except for the Infiltrators
 Like this winged beast...
 and these little fellas that Charles placed inside a ruin right next to some Marines

 The Gene stealers Quickly got the Knights attention, but to Sam's dismay…