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Dice Issues

Don't you just hate it when your dice has no idea what its doing...

Lord Dragkane's Space Wolves

Hi guys, Jamie here.

Just to say a little bit about the main man in all of my lists really and that's the big honcho and general badass, Wolf Lord Dragkane. He's got a large array of kills including Daemon Princes, the bigger the better as they just fuel his want for glory and to rid the universe of those Daemon scum.

After all a heretic a day keeps the Daemons at bay, or so they say anyway.

Dragkane has his trusted Thunder Wolf Cavalry with him as an hunting pack after all if you are going to take something down you might as well have witnesses to give more credit.

Now you must be thinking whats so special about this guy, well I'm glad you were thinking this as Dragkane was selected my Logan Grimnar to wield the Krackenbone Sword which is a special relic amongst the space wolves. So on the odd occasion Logan Grimnar will come and visit Dragkane and they will embark on a quest to slay some enemies that have crossed into there air space.

Now Logan is always accompanied by his tr…

Black Maru's Order of Redemption.

Hey guys, Bruce here with the first of (what I hope to be) many short snippets of background, history and goofy fluff pieces for my Blood Angel successor Chapter, "The Redeemers" aka "Black Maru's Order of Redemption". I'll start off by highlighting some of the key characters, mostly HQ's that play a big part both on the tabletop and in the ongoing story linking my games / campaigns together.

 The Redeemers are a successor Chapter of the Blood Angels, although they are a chapter in a very loose sense. Due to the way Black Maru (who we will discuss in further detail shortly) chooses to organize the Marines under his commend, The Redeemers are only considered a chapter for the sake of record keeping at the Adaptus Administratum. Internally referred to as an Order rather than a Chapter, The Redeemers are almost unheard of, partly due to the secrecy of their mission, but primarily because they have never done anything especially noteworthy or noble.

 The Orde…

Warhammer World!

What a weekend!
Damien, Bruce and Martin enjoying the life-sized Rhino a little too much.

First off I want to say that if you ever get the chance to visit Warhammer World in Nottingham, you should absolutely go for it!
We had a few issues to start off with, due to some personal issues and work conflicts, a few of us were unable to make it which was a real shame, however Paul, Damien, Martin, Jamie, Matt and myself (Bruce here >_<) all spent the day mooching around the amazing dioramas, eyeballing the awesome merch and best of all playing a huge 12,000 point game on WW's incredible City of Death board "Spyral Prime".

Just take a look at that! o_0
We used a combination of Maelstrom of War Mission 1 rules mixed with the White Dwarf "Cities of Death" Objective cards to really make the best use of the heavy terrain. We set up with Dawn of War deployment, and the forces of Chaos won the roll off, choosing to go first. After deployi…

Six Up Save!

Welcome to the Six Up Save Blog! We are a small group of lads from the West Midlands in the UK who paint, model and play tabletop wargames. As a group we cover several systems, Batman Knight Minis, Starwars Armarda, Deadman's Hand but our main focus is currently Warhammer 40,000.
This blog will (hopefully) follow our exploits across inter-group leagues, local and national tournaments as well as taking a focused look at our armies, list building guides, painting tips and neat conversion ideas.

To start off, let's take a look at our current member roster and their chosen armies:
Bruce - Blood Angels, Tyranids and Chaos Marines
Damien - Orks, White Scars and Khorne Daemonkin
Sam - Nurgle Daemons, Tzeentch Daemons and Chaos Undivided / 30K Iron Warriors
Matt - Iron hands/Clan Raukaan and Dark Eldar
Stone- Necrons and Tzeentch Daemons
Jamie- Space Wolves and Orks
Charles- Tyranids
Martin- Eldar and Dark Eldar
Paul- Nurgle Chaos Space Marines

Several of our members have recently been taking part …