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August Apocalypse

Hi All, Its Martin.
Our very own Sam, with the help of Matt and Andy from Worcester Wargames put together an Apocalypse game that saw the mighty Imperial armies battling against every Xeno army going (I played my Eldar on the Xeno's team). To allow this to happen, all Xeno's were made allies of convenience to prevent us turning on each other! From Six Up save other than myself, we had Jamie 1 and 2, Bruce, Sam, Dae, and Matt playing in the event.
The tournament was a 1 day main event with a sub mission played the night before.
Each team had a 'Warlord', Dae for the Xeno's and SUS's newest member Jamie2 for the Imperium. It was their task to coordinate their respective teams towards their targets and agendas. I would say both did an awesome job at keeping their teams in order and directing troops to where they were needed.
Each player had 2000 points to spend on their chosen armies but they could only have 1 LOW / Gargantuan per list and within the team, only …

Legiones Astartes of the IV legion. The Iron Warriors

Hey guys Sam here.Wanted to showcase my horus heresy army which I have been working on since selling my salamanders last january. 
So to start off here is my preator. I used a non forgeworld model for this and am pleased with the result. I plan on running him in terminator armour with the warsmith rule and a paragon blade. Next is my tac squad, I do not like painting tac squads, I have two squads of 10 which I will use but due to the onslauht detachment normally use only one. In game I prefer to use veterans and support squads. Now onto elites, my favourite part of the army really. I like running dreadnoughts. Lots of them. The ams are magnetised to take all options but my favourite load out is both fists with melta guns in drop pods. 
Also i have two contemptor mortis dreadnoughts. I run one with kheres and one with lascannons. These are also magnetised and can be taken with fists. Two terminator squads as well. One with lightning claws, one with chainfist and bolter. I have pinned cyclone…