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Six Up Save League

8th Edition Six Up Save League

To celebrate the launch of Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition, we have decided to hold our first league in almost a year! We will be constantly updating this blog once the league kicks off on 1st August.


All games to be played between the 1st of August and the weekend of Skirmish.
Every member of Six Up Save who enters must play every other member once in this period.
3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw to each player and 0 points for a loss.
A win is achieved by scoring more victory points than your opponent.
An additional point will be awarded for a fully painted army in each game and an additional point will be awarded for posting a picture of the game to Facebook or the Six Up Save blog.
Players will be deducted three points for every unfinished game at the end of the tournament.

You can submit two lists by 1st August. But only one is mandatory and must be submitted by 1st August.
Each list can come to a total of 1500 Points, including summoning units and reserves as detailed in the Matched Play section of the rulebook.
You can use up to two detachments in each list, however you cannot use the same detachment twice between both lists.
You can use entirely different armies in each list if you wish or use the same army in each list.
Both list must be Battle Forged and can be sent to me from Battlescribe or any other method to
Forge World models are permitted.

Games will be played at random from the Maelstrom of War table.
Any draws will be decided by a final battle between the two tied opponents.
If an opponent is tabled, still tally all victory points but the victor will get an additional 20 victory points.


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