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Sam and Jamies prep for Seeds of Destruction

Few pics of mine and Jamies lists and models ready for next weekends tourney with the ValeRenegades  :)
First up is my Carnival of Decay

And here is Jamie's list. 

We are both very much looking forward to the event and will post up about how we got on woth lots of pictures next week.

Led kits and knights

Sam here with a small write up to review a product I have got recently which I think is just plain awesome.
I am starting an imperial Knight army at the moment and wanted to somethig to make them pop a little more (they will be bright yellow so needed something rather extravegant) so I had seen some pictures online of people who had added LED's to their knights and was hooked.
I searched the internet for some sources and found that it did not easily yield any obvious choices. A lot of expensive kits appeared for remote control cars and model train kits but I wanted something with one battery, switch and two led's without the hasstle of soldering myself.
Then I came accross this website
Easy to navigate
Low cost
Range of products
Fantastic customer service! I had emails with instructions arrive upon payment as well as shilling information.
All in all it cost me around £10 for the kit including the battery I had to buy seperate.

Using the kit
The kit was …

Skirmish II 1850 Point single Tourney

Hey Guys, Heres the details for the upcoming Singles tournament...Skirmish II

Tickets are available via Paypal as a friends and family payment at

Tickets cost £15 per person

The Rulespack can be found here:

We look forwards to seeing you there

10,000 Hit Painting Celebration!

Hey guys!
Bruce here with an update about a little celebration we had after hitting 10,000 blog views.
We all decided to take a new model (from any game system) that we liked and paint it up in just 4 weeks.

Lets have a look as see what we got:

Bruce - Pirate Queen (Reaper Bones Minis)




"The day after we decided to do this painting challenge, a handfull of us went to the NEC Gamesday Convention and spent waaay too much money on Poke'mon cards and collectables. As we are in the throws of a new D&D Campaign, I decided to pick up some Reaper Bones minis, and this was my favourite of the bunch. I'm incorporating her into our current campaign, "Lilly the Skull, swashbuckler, rum drinker and noted ner' do well!". I've never painted a Reaper model before, and the strange rubbery plastic they use felt very different to my usual metal or resin paint projects. I'm very happy with her though, there's something very satisfying ab…