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Escape from Eidolon Doubles Tournament

I would like to say a massive Thankyou to everyone that came along and took part in the day. It was my 1st attempt at running a tournament and you all made it so much fun. I sincerley hope you all had at least as much fun as I did today! 

I have to thank the Guys from Celestial Forge again for providing those beautiful tables for us to play on, and Andy for helping with the certificates and the seals on them as well as providing the food and getting us all together in the 1st place with his shop. 


Congratulations to the following players:
1st Place - £25 Worcester Wargames Vouchers Each

Marcin Witzcak Maciej Chamier-Cieminski

2nd Place - £20 Worcester Wargames Vouchers Each

       Jamie Stevens                   Liam King

3rd Place - £15 Worcester Wargames Vouchers Each

Sam Cornick           Jamie Shouler

Wooden Spoons

Commiserations to David Thompson and Chris Mitchell for coming in last place and winning the wooden spoons.

Here's the full table of results:

Place Player 1 Player 2 TP's VP's
1 Marcin Witzcak Maciej Chamier-Cieminski 22 47
2 Jamie Stevens Liam King 17 29
3 Sam Cornick Jamie Shouler 16 63
4 Jack Whitefoot Scott Whitefoot 16 52
5 Bruce Harrison Charles Gamble 14 49
6 Paul Michael Wall Bym Welthy 14 39
7 Damien Johnson Andrew Bird 14 28
8 Richard Miller Stefan Donovan 13 24
9 Chris Collins Matt Rule 11 43
10 Callum Munro Chris Moore 10 52
11 Phil Southwell Mike Martin-White 10 27
12 Tom Baker Ian Barber 10 21
13 Joshua Gumbley Joe Meredith 8 21
14 Jordan Cleavely Steve Norris 5 16
15 Stuart Hawkins Guy Thwaites 5 15
16 Chris Mitchell David Thompson 5 7

Keeper of the Keys awards - Highest scoring Player


The Highest Scoring player on the day, who was presented with the keeper of the keys award, was Sam Cornick with 38 VP's just beating Maciej Chamier-Cieminski who had 34 VP's. Congrats Sam!!


Andy and I  decided that the Golden goblin award for best painted single model should go to Stefan Donovan. Congrats Stefan, you won a set of 4 Broken Toad Paint Brushes.

The best painted Army was voted for by the players, and you all decided that this award should goto Tom Baker. Congrats Tom, you also win yourself a set of 4 Broken Toad Brushes!!

Heres the vote table for the best Army:

1st Place Vote 2nd Place Vote 3rd Place Vote Points
Tom Baker 12 4 2 46
Scott Whitefoot 6 8 4 38
Steve Norris 3 3 6 21
Jack Whitefoot 3 4 1 18
Richard Miller 2 1 4 12
Stefan Donovan 2 1 3 11
Maciej Chamier-Cieminski 2 2 8
Mike Martin-White 2 3 7
Stuart Hawkins 2 2 6
Bruce Harrison 1 1 5
Joe Meredith 1 1 5
Guy Thwaites 2 4
Chris Moore 2 4
Ian Barber 3 3
Chris Collins 3 3
Damien Johnson 1 1 3
Bym Welthy 1 3
Phil Southwell 1 3
Jamie Stevens 1 2
Marcin Witzcak 1 2

Best Sportsman

 It is a great sign when we get 2 players win the best Sportsman award. A big congratulations to Mike Martin-White and Paul Michael Wall for being best Sportsman of the day!! 

Below are some of the pictures I took during the day. Appologies to anyone whos Armies are missing from the Best Army bit, sadly my camera decided to play up and blurred a few of them :( Im not the best photographer in the 1st place. Thanks again to you all. Keep your eyes on the Six Up Save Facebook Page for news on upcoming events and please feel free to leave comments on how you think it went today, would you like to see something done differently etc?

Thanks guys

Pictures of the Day

Armies on Parade

There were some beautiful armies at the event today. Here are some of them (sorry some are missing as my camera decided that Blurred pictures was the latest thing!) although im sure my rubbish photography skills had nothing to do with it!

Best Single Model

 Here are the entrants for the Best Painted Model. It was such a tough decision to make between a number of models as they were all to such a good standard. We ended up being so picky to decide between models. Such nice work by all.



  1. Wow! Deciding on the winner for the single mini was incredibly tough. Some great efforts by everyone.

  2. I had great fun in all 3 game. It was a really great atmosphere for a tourney, you can sometimes get some jerks who take it too seriously, but everyone today was having a great time.


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