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Marvel miniatures BatRep

Sam here with a marvel miniatures photo batrep.
This is my first post of this kind so please let me know how you find it. There will be a lot more like it so I hope you enjoy!
This is my 4th Game and Cats second so please leave comments if you notice us do anything out of the ordinary or any advice on what we could do differently.

The board
The game will be played on a 3-3 shipyard board with terrain from TTCombat on the dining room table for now. I need to get hold of a 3-3 mat so that Marvel games are easier in the future.
The teams
Xmen vs Xmen. 
Girls (and pool) vs boys (minus wolverine)

Cat's crew consists of 
Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Rogue and Deadpool

My crew consists of
Magneto, Cyclops, Collosus and Gambit
The mission
We are playing the mission that can be found in the XMen starter set. One team in the centre and another around the outside. The table left plenty of room for deployment.

I started in the middle and Cat with a much more mobile force deployed around the outside like this.
First turn
Magneto first
Uses two tokens to move onto a container and then uses blunt instrument to throw a container againdt Rogue and Emma.
Getting a succsessful hit and a Crit, deals 4 damage to Rogue and 3 to Emma due to her failing her agility roll. A good start!
Rogue gets up
Decides to hoof emma frost while she is down. Dealing four damage due to the crit to Emma.

Due to pictures closing my app I have had to restrict them.

Cyclops shoots deadpool with focussed beam doing 3 Damage with a crit.

Deadpool uses bang bang twice to take 3 damage off of cyclop.

Gambit uses 52 card pick up to hit deadpool for 3 more damage

Jean grey uses telekenesis to throw a container at collosus for 4 damage

Emma frost goes diamond and psi bolts gambit for one.

Collosus throws a car at emma frost for 4.
Turn two

Emma passes her  stamina roll. 

Rogue moves to magneto and throws at magneto at collosus.
Throws magneto for 3 damage but fails to hurt collosus

Magneto throws a container at emma using blunt instrument, which misses

And then uses meat grinder which does 3 damage to emma frost, leaving her at one damage left.

Emma gets up, moves towards magneto and decides to throw her him at collosus. But fails to pick him up.
Collosus moves to emma and punches her with osmium punch. Boosting for the extra dice and doing 2 damage killing her.
 Jean grey next flies into the frey and uses telekenesis to throw the green container at cyclops. Doing 3 damage to him and one to collosus.
Rubbing salt in the wound she then does psycotic illusions againdt cyclops. Dealing a further two damage. Leaving him with four.
Cyclops gets back up and decided to go and use massive blast rogue. Boosting and dealing no damage :(

Deadpool runs up to cyclops and uses stab stab boosted to do two damage to him. Leaving him in the red

Leaving gambit to 52 pickup jean twice for 4 damage. End of turn

Turn three

Cat wins the roll
Cyclops faints

Deadpool stabs cyclops to death and then moves to gambit and uses stab stab against gambit but misses.

Gambit bo strikes deadpool. Boosting for 3 damage. And not boosting for 1
Rogue throws magneto into collosus.
Dealing 5 damage to magneto and 2 against collosus
Magneto gets up and uses storm of steel to throw the garbage truck against rogue
 And spectacularly misses :(
Jean then activates and uses psychic electrokenesis against magneto. Dealing 2 more damage. Then uses psychic illusions against collosus. Causing three damage due to the crit.
Finally collosus tries to pick up rogue and throw her at jean. And fails. 
End of the turn

Turn four
Cat wins roll again
Collosus faints.

Jean Grey uses mind mind bullets against collosus. Four times
Doing 8 damage
One health left


Collosus tries to Get up and then throws rogue at jean. And misses completely.

Rogue strikes collosus. Misses. Tries again. And kills him. 
  Magneto moves and tries to throw two containers at jean grey
Dealing 6 damage
Deadpool stabs gambit twice. But with a boosted defencd of 19. Deadpool does nothing

Gambit goes all in and hits deadpool and jean
One damage to deadpool and one to jean.

Turn five
Magneto faints

Magneto gets back up
Meat grunders jean and kills her
Rogue flies to magneto, picks him up. And throws him into the container. Killing him.

Gambit is bricking it and starts hitting deadpool with his stick. Doing 5 damage due to the overload crit.

Deadpool stabs back and does 5 damage and faints.
Turn 6
Deadpool activates and stabs gambit doing 3 damage. 2 left.
Gambit fails the stamina roll to get back up.

Rogue flies over
Killing gambit dead.


Cat wins the game with a tabling.
Score was
Cat 111
Sam 11


Jean grey and her crazy terrain throwing
Magneto for meat grinder and throwing
Rogue for her hard to kill diamond form


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