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Jack wins at Cheltnham - 40k tournament recap

In the beginning...

On Saturday 2nd Jack, Sam and Charles went to Cheltnham to play in a 40k tournament. With 1500 points to spend, Jack geared up with his bikes star, meganob formation and tankbustas. Sam gathered his Iron Warriors, a chaos knight and a typhon while Charles commanded a gene stealer cult with two flyrants.

The venue

Pork chop gaming provided an excellent tournament with 14 players, food, a bar and plenty of banter. The day consisted of 3 games and a complex rules pack combining kill points, eternal war and maelstrom missions with custom cards and a set of fun rules for the games. Keeping track of things could be difficult at times, but overall each game was friendly, fun and of course, bloody. The 7th edition GW FAQs were not official at the time of the tournament and were not used.

Game 1

In game one, I played against a necron decurion army consisting of a destroyer cult, the core choice and a chaos renegade knight. I was going first, so I deployed everything as close to my opponent as possible (but in cover in case of a seize) and scouted the bikes forward into the middle of the table. In turn 1 I moved everything as far forward as possible, my bikes being 1" away from my opponent and the vehicles in cover. My opponent blasted at my bikes and charged them, leaving only a few. In turn two my meganobz got out and charged many of his units, some of which were trying to back off and escape.
Then, the play of the tournament. A squad of tomb blades were attempting to score an objective in my back field. The only thing that could stop them without turning around a crucial unit to deal with them? My gretchin. Not any only gretchin, but the most fierce and battle worn veteran gretchin in my entire Waaagh. The squid munchas. Famous for chilling at the back of the board, protecting the rare blue squig, a magical squig whose meaty bones were blessed by an ork shaman so that the tasty squig would never run out. They ran out from their ruins and CHARGED the tomb blades. Taking only one casualty in the combat, the gretchin managed to score three wounds. But then, with a 0.0014% chance of happening, my opponent failed all three of his 3+ armour saves.... TWICE! They were never bullied by their ork kin again.
After that, my forces continued to plough on, and while the bikes had all been killed except my warlord who was fighting in a fierce 1v1, the meganobz mopped up the remainder of his forces while the tankbustas made short work of the knight, their FIRST super heavy kill of the tournament.
Orks win 20-0 (tabled)

I played Tom Stallard and his Ultramarines in an enjoyable game which had my cowardly havoc  running away.
Great opponent and a lot of talking about heresy. The typhon pulled its considerable weight.
Chaos wins

In my first game I just could not shift the grav centurions. Definitely a Death Star unit. Something I have never come across before.
Ultramarines win

Game 2

In game two I faced the war convocation. At 1500 my opponent had to take the minimum possible to fit the points cost (apart from the FREE upgrades). It was vanguard and yet again I was going first. I did the same thing as last time and deployed in cover, scouting my bikes forward. Since my opponent had heard of the fearless squig munchas, he had no desire to infiltration any of his units anywhere near the gretchin. They had earned their rest and continued feasting and fighting at the back of the board for this game.
He failed to seize and I moved forward as I did last time, taking as much cover as possible. Despite my 2+ junk saves (night fighting was also on) he managed to kill almost all of my bikes from a combination of shooting and charging with his rust stalkers, which conveniently left a gap in his lines for my tankbustas to run through towards his knight only 3 models wide. With few bikes remaining my meganobz charged into his units, crunching them for two turns. My tank bustas also managed to kill the knight who fell onto them in return. My forces, as before, mopped up the remaining forces.
Orks win 20-0 (tabled)

I played against White Scars. Somehow surviving against 6 grav centurions which were drop podding with ignores cover and invisibility :s. Me and Marcin had met and played previously at Brisol Vanquish and it another enjoyable game. The typhon was reduced to 2hp turn one due to unlucky rolling on my opponents behalf and the typhons lucky scatter onto an invisible unit.
Another win for chaos.

Game 2 was my favourite game. We ripped shreds out of each other all game. But I just typed it over in turn 5.
Tyranids  win

Game 3

Jack and Sam
The inevitable had happened. Sam and Jack were on top of the table and were forced to play each other. The mind games began early with Sam choosing to deploy on the table edge which Jack was already on. Had Sam guessed wrong though? Jack chose to deploy first and go first in order to move forward fast and reduce the risk of high damage from the typhon and knight who were then deployed in oposide table corners, forcing Jack to have to make a big choice straight away, where do the bikes go? In the end, they were scouted towards the typhon since it was the nastiest thing on the table. Everything moved forward, trying to find as much cover as possible. A slight tactical error on Sam's part, was telling Jack that he intended to thunder blitz the bikes in his turn. (Because he is just a nice bloke like that :D (not hijacked by Sam at all)) Jack proceeded to back off slightly with the bikes, but not far enough away that they couldn't charge next turn. Sam responded by creating a marine speed bump around his typhon, blowing a hole in the bikes and wrecking a couple of vehicles. Not looking so good for the orks.
The knight then charged a 4 man meganob squad. In what turned out to be the turning point of the game, Sam rolled 4 hits and proceeded to roll 4 1s and failed to kill a single meganob who did 4 hull points in return. (SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT) (Sam again)This was massive as it meant Jack did not need to dedicate more units to dealing with the knight. The bikes then assaulted the speed bump marine unit, dedicating only a few orks into combat so as to remain in combat for Sam's next turn and not get blown sky high. The meganobz in the middle of the board assaulted some las devs and chaos spawn, killing them and continuing forward while the knight fell to the meganobz.
For the remainder of the game the meganobz continued forward as the bikes failed to do significant damage to the typhon until some jammy rolls turned up and it was killed by none other than my warlord himself.
Orks win 20-0 (tabled)
Both me and Jack are one for one with wins now. Two tournaments in a row we ended top two and las time I won. Lets see what happens at Escape from Eidalon.

Charles -
I killed my own warlord with perils in the last game which was funny because I denied my opponent slay the warlord. I also killed a riptide with my brood lord, but it took 5 turns haha.

In the end
We all enjoyed the event thoroughly! Six up has won! Although it is almost certain before game 3 that either Jack or Sam would win the tournament, Jack now owes Sam a beer and a competitive rematch.
At the end Sam was 4th and beast was 12th.
(From Sam)
Thank youto Kurt and Chip for hosting such a fun day, the terrain and mats were great and the atmosphere was brilliant. We look forward to hopefully seeing some of you at our worcester events and we will defenitly be back to your future events as well! hopefully we can sort out a club clash event or something else similar. Cheers!


  1. Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. Was a pleasure to have new faces come and mix things up.....

    We will definitely drag our backsides up your way to return the favour ��


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