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First the worst, second the best. Part I

Hi readers, Sam here talking about a good but of fun me and Damien are having with each others armies.

The other week Damien challenged me to write the worst list that I could using one of my armies (chaos marines being the obvious choice here) whilst he does the same thing with one of his (orks). Then we both swap armies and see what happens. I thought this was a great idea and the following game developed. Now this is part one of the game analysis and mini batreps with us doing the complete oposite in a few weeks. Writing the best lists with the same armies and swapping again. I hope you enjoy reading this post and if you would like to see more like this then please let us know.

Sam's chaos space marine list
Now I wanted to sink as many points into the army as I could. Therefore every unit has mark of slaanesh and veterans of the long war.

Abbadon the despoiler

Chaos lord
Black mace
Murder sword
Sigil of corruption
Aura of dark glory
Spell familiar
Combat familiar
Terminator armour
Melta bombs
(Hehehe turn three he booned into a spawn :D)

Helbrute with two fists and combi bolters
Helbrute with two fists and combi bolters

Same is repeated 3 times bere 

10 chosen, 4 combi bolters, slaanesh, melta bombs, rhino with every upgrade possible. So
Combi plasma
Destroyer blades

That was 2000 points

Damiens army

Deployment and pre game stuff
As always chaos boons fairly shit
Dae went first
No seize the initiative.

Turn one
Chaos units pop some shots and orks advance
Nothing of note really happens.

Turn two
A frenzied helbrute makes shortwork of a truck

The rest of the orks advance

Left flank looks busy

Turn three
Lascannon pops a truck, havoc launcher begins to mow through men
This was turn three really

Helbrute ready to smash the morkanought

Battlewagons ram the helbrute, combi rockets helped

Chaos lord killed a whole unit them turned into spawn

Morkanought lived, barely

Abbadon walked through the nobs, the marines walked through the boys and the helbrute wrecked the other squad of boys.

End of turn three dae was 8-7 maelstrom points up and I only had gretchen left. At this point I conceeded the game.

Damiens Comment 'Sam should not have given me lascannons...'

Was an absolute blast and I look forward to part two.


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