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The XVI Legion the Warmasters Own.

Hi all Jamie 2 here been a while since I did a post so thought I would share what I have been up to lately. At the start of the year I had planned to finish my World Eaters however before I could complete that Betrayal at Calth dropped and I like many other gamers found that Heresey was more affordable than ever.  So armed with a copy of the box and some selection of forge world shoulder pads I got to building.  Then I hit a stumbling block what to paint them as, I could go with Luna Wolves but having already painted one predominately white army I didn't want to do another so Sons of a Horus it was. 

At first  I couldn't find a colour scheme for the green armour that I liked, the Forge World one didn't look right on my test models and all the ones online were to bright I wanted a deep ocean green so I started to experiment and eventually found one I liked. So today I thought I would share how I painted my Sons of Horus and show you all where the army is now.  

First up undercoat your model black

First up a coat of Incubi Darkness all over the armour don't worry about being too neat at this stage

Next a thin coat of Caliban Green so the Incubi Darkness still shows through

The finial stage for the armour is a wash with Athonian Camoshade, allow to dry.

 Next up a bit of detailing, go over the Bolter with Abaddon Black, the pipes and harness with Mechanicum Standard Grey and the metal areas with Leadbelcher.  Also at this point drybrush the Bolter with Mechanicum Grey.

Next up the armour trim with Glorius Gold the only non GW colour I used

Next up the eye on the shoulder pad the leather tassels and helmet crest in Memphiston Red

Skin in Rakarth Flesh

Next up the eye on the shoulder over the red paint a drop of Cassandora Yellow Shade to act as a wet palate then mixing red and yellow build up a fiery eye of Horus. 

A quick wash on the creat and head with a 50/50 black brown wash

Finially finish the eye on the shoulder pad in Abaddon Black and your done.

The army as it stands now

Next up some more armour and the big man himself Horus.


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