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Matts Deathwatch! .... Jensus Natorian


Howdy everyone!

Recently picked up the deathwatch half of the overkill box! (well done GW I want to see more of this sort of thing!)

So I was staring at the new shiny sprue and thinking which do I want to paint first .... soon after angels of death hit and I needed a quick librarian so Jensus the blood raven was the obvious choice to start with.


So who is Jensus and how did he find himself a member of the unique deathwatch. Well like many great heroes Batman, Harry Potter, Bambi ... Jensus story starts with dead parents. At the moment he lost his parents to the Ork Waaaaghhh Guttsplitta his psychic ability awoke and a blood bath ensued tearing apart greenskins with his bare hands!

Jensus was soon spotted by the black ships of the inquisition and endanger of become a mindless psychic slave to the Imperium of man, but was saved by an inquisitor by the name of Belicor. Belicor made sure that Jensus was enlisted in the the Blood Raven chapter and monitored his progress through out. Belicor then personally chose him to become a member of the secretive deathwatch were his full psychic ability and hate for xenos of every kind can be put to good use.

I personally am a big fan of 40k lore and back stories so having the chance to play with each member of the team in a back story driven mission is going be great fun with these guys. (maybe a lore battle report in the future)        


Started with the armor, not a huge fan of painting black so thought I would give him a blue glow effect as he is a librarian. I did this by using games and gears detailed dry brush and building up layers of dark to light blue on all the edges. Thought it turned out pretty good and is an effect I would like to use more in the future. I really like the bright Lothern blue by GW as it does a nice edge highlight for power swords and armor!

All the scroll work and purity seals were a base coat of Ungor flesh then a highlight of 50/50 Ungor and flayed one and then a final highlight of flayed one finishing off with a Sepia was over them!

Also tried to use some gloss medium on the blood raven iconography which came out really nice and shiny!

Hopefully will finish the base off with some black lava around the cork center to give the look he is on some cracked tarmac.

Really enjoyed painting this model due to the detail and unique qualities of each character so if you are a fan of agents of the Imperium  this is defiantly a set to get!


Coming in at 95 pts he is 5pts more expensive than a regular level 2 librarian with a force sword with the exact same stat line....

So what do you get for that extra 5pts you may ask? Special issue ammunition! which personally I would take for 5pts any day! the chance to fire off some ignores cover or AP 3 or poison 2+ before charging into a big beast is a good trade off.

Only down side is as he is a named independent character so he is locked to his Biomancy powers .... so no new powers, which is strange as angels of death can say that they have access to them. (if you know the answer to this please help me!) :S

Anyway in conclusion the first member of my death watch is done and is pushing me to get the rest of the team on the table raiding space hulks or genestealer cults! Hope you enjoyed this quick read!

In till next time!


Coming soon ........ Ortan Cassius!


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