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Death korps of Krieg

Hello everyone, Sam here, it has been a while since I have posted on here and wanted to share what I have been working on. My first loyalist (shudder) army. Also my first guard army. 

Over the past 10 months or so I have been slowly building and painting a Death Korps of Krieg army using the seige of Vraaks book. I have been attempting a unit a week but like we all do my attention and attitude towards painting blows hot and cold.

I was origionally drawn to Krieg due to their post apocalyptic / menacing appearance and thought that they would be perfect for a renegades army. However the more that I read and planned the army, the more interested in the Krieg themselves that I became. This lead me to my first order of death riders and the other more krieg units. This is not to say that i wont experiment with renegades as i have found some wicked looking zombie krieg models that I may incorperate in the future. I expect this army to play in a totally different style to those I currently use and look forward to the challenge of learning another armies strengths. I have played 4 test games with these whilst painting (i could not resist) and they did not do that well, i am hoping with a fully painted army the dice gods may favour the army more!

This post will show pictures of every unit in my army, as well as a few brief comments on what I thought/how they were to paint. The tanks were primarily painted using a neo for iwata airbrush and everything else was painted using games and gears series brushes.

 I hope you enjoy my work and please feel free to ask me any questions. I am very happy with how they all look and i must admit quite happy the project is over as it has taken me so long to do this.

The army
So the army uses a death rider deatchment with allied fortification.
Doing so gives me access to 4 heavy support and 4 elite choices as well as the horses becomming obj sec. 
My death rider general is on the right with the standard bearer in the left.
I wanted to make him stand out so using paper and pva glue made a banner for him with the groups name on, the regiment number is on the other side. 
Here is a group shot of my Death Rider General and Veteran squad. The black and red flags help me identify which squad is the hq.

I have also painted up a commisar general which I will occasionally use.
I greatly enjoyed painting the commisars in the army. I wanted to avoid the black and red combo and tie the models in with the paint scheme of the army. Therefore chose to glaze up layers of grey instead.

My third and final hq is a company command squad.
Company commander
Standard bearer
Astropath / master of the fleet
Here is a group squad of the command squad using the commisar general as a master of ordanance.

Not part of the krieg army but will be used in a small guard allied detachment but here is my rogue psyker (primaris psyker)

And two other commisars that will be attatched to platoon command squads

I have a rather crowded elites section, I think artillery look fantastic and wanted to paint up quite a few. For now I will have to settle for these.
Two heavy mortars with crew.
2 thudd guns with crew

Also in the elites section is my hades breaching drill and engineers.
This is quite possibly my favourite unit in the army. Painting the drill was an absolute joy, it has only to live upto its fearsome appearance after arriving late and doing nothing in every single test game!

I am also using a dabre defence platform as a hydra platform. This will hopefully provide the army with some much needed anti air.

For guardsmen I have used both infantry models and grenadeers from the Krieg range. I will occasionally use the latter in their origional capacity but i chose them so that the units looked different and quite frankly I prefer the models.
Platoon command squad one with corprol liability on the right. Again with hand made flags.
Here is a close up on corperol liability (so called because he likes to get hot and cause the squad to run away.)
Platoon command squad #2 with veteran waving standard and two flamers.
Infantry squad one
Infantry squad 2
Infantry squad 3
Infantry squad 4
Heavy weapons teams, one usually gets placed with the comany commander as a veteran team.
10 man squad of engineers eagerly awaiting two more hades drills.
Fast attack
Death rider squad one
Death rider squad two
Cyclops demolition vehicles and remote controll operators
Heavy suport
Collosus seige bombard
The name alone is intimmidating and awesome, the model is fantastic and the rules are down right filthy! If i was on a mission to have no friends I would own three. Alas i must be content with the one......for now. My only complaint was the amount of flash that I had to dremmel. Gun and loading arm magnetised for transportation
Now I know it cannot be used in the seige list. But i will be allying in some guard as this model is so cool. The basilisk offers some fantastic firepower and was my vehicle test model. The guardsman on the back loading the gun was a fun little addition.
Sola auxillia basilisk, used as a thunderer until I get the real model, the thunderers armour and demolitier cannon gives the army some much needed ap1. Plus this model was awesome to build and paint.
Leman russ vanquisher with multi melta sponsons and lascannon. Co axel heavy stubber also added.
Leman russ punisher (i have a second vanquisher turret that will be used instead of the punisher occasionally) with commisar tank commander. Will use as pask in imperial guard ally list. Multi meltas and lascannon upgrades.
Leman russ exterminator. Plasma cannon sponsons and lascannon.
Ever one of my armies has different plasma effects. I did not want blue on blue for krieg so went for a hot look. 
Aegis defense line with comms relay or quad gun. I used the sand bag defense line from lucky punk minatures for the defense line. The cork was used to bring the height up to the same as an aegis defense line.

So that is my death korps army. All transfers and stencils were using using fallout hobbies fantastic range! I will endeavor to get a photo or video batrep up in the summer and in the mean time work on my nurgle army. There will be another similar post soon with my nurgle army, complete with daemonic incursion formations once i finish painting the rotswarm. As well as an update on how my iron warriors are progressing in 30k towards the end of summer (sons of horus allies :D)

A big thank you to bruce for the use of his light box and photography skills for taking the pictures.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.
Would you like to see more army profiles like this one? Please let us know!


  1. Sam, this is a great looking army and consistent throughout. I like the subtle weathering! Fairplay for delivering such a big project

  2. Just now seen this comment. Thank you very much :)


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