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Escape From Eidolon

-A Warhammer 40K doubles tournament-
-Sunday 14th August 2016-
-1000 points per player (2000 per team)-
-St Swithuns hall-
The Trinity

Due to the nature of the event, all armies within a team will be Allies of Convenience regardless of their entries in the Rulebook. No Armies will therefore be ‘Battle Brothers’, ‘Desperate Allies’ or ‘Come the Apocalypse’.
We wish to encourage a friendly atmosphere at the tournament; we would like to discourage people from bringing lists that are geared without enjoyment in mind. We want you to bring your ‘A’ game but we do not want you to be fielding ‘death star’ type units. Therefore we reserve the rights to return a list if we feel it is overwhelmingly over powered and ask that it be adjusted

  • All players can field either a single Combined Arms Detachment or single Detachment from their Army Codices i.e. Craftworld Warhost/Decurion Detachment/Realspace Raiders Detachment etc.
  • All Armies must be Bound Armies
  • Allies will not be permitted within a Players Army (you already have your teammate)
  • Supplements will be allowed
  • Forge world units will be permitted however no Experimental rules.
  • Only 1 Super Heavy or Gargantuan Unit is permitted per team. Any taken will not be scoring units for the purposes of the tournament and will therefore not be able to contest objectives either.


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