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Nananananana... Batman!

Howdy Sixupsavers, Bruce here with a quick spot on the (relatively) new Batman Minis Game that's gaining some serious popularity lately.

Damien and I first bought into this game way back in the BETA phase, when the core rule book came as a terribly translated Spanish PDF. We really struggled with the rules and didn't really have the right kind of terrain to fully get to grips with it.

However, when the hardback version of the rule book came out, our Local Game Store "Worcester Wargames" created a totally bad-ass new gaming board that was perfect for Batman. With renewed vigour, Damien and I dug out our old models and started trying to learn the rules.

Just look at this beautiful bastard!

After demoing a few games and interest started picking up, the other Six Up Save guys started getting invested too.
Now we are all feverishly getting our crew's painted up and ready to rumble, so in the new year we'll be hosting a Six Up Save Batman Minis League. In the mean time, here's a few pics of who's got what. :)

Bruce's Joker and Harley Crews:

Martin's Riddler Crew:

Jamie #1's League of Shadows:

Jamie #2's Crooked Cops:
And a few other side projects

Sam's Bane Crew:

Damien's Batman team:

Charles' Batwoman Team:

And special guest starring Rachael's Gotham Sirens:

That's all for now folks, but coming up soon we'll have some Batreps and some WIP pics of Andy's second Batman board at the awesome Worcester Wargames. Then in the new year we'll have our first Six Up Save Batman League. Who knows, if we can get enough people in Worcester interested, maybe we could host a BMG tourney?

As always, you can leave us feedback below, grab us on Facebook or just come speak to us in store.


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