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Chaos vs Xeno - League game report

Hi All,

With the Six Up Save's 2nd League officially started, Sam quickly threw down the Gauntlet for a 3000 point doubles game against him and Dae. Myself and Charles answered this call with our Nids and Eldar armies.

We played on a 6 x 4 board, rolling for the Deadlock Mission and deploying with the Hammer and Anvil setup. Sam and Dae won the roll and, after failing to take the initiative, deployed and started 1st.

 Sam and Dae started putting down some seriously nasty stuff

 Especially this guy!!

 And these guys!!!

 Ooh and that guy over there!!

 Me and Charles Deployed as much in cover as we could to try and reduce the casualties in turn 1

 My Wraithknight stood ready to move forward on either side of the mountain in the middle of the board.

 All units deployed, except for the Infiltrators

 Like this winged beast...

 and these little fellas that Charles placed inside a ruin right next to some Marines

 The Gene stealers Quickly got the Knights attention, but to Sam's dismay didn't all die trapping it in combat for an additional turn.

 Despite throwing everything I had at Daes beast, he survived with 1 wound remaining

 Charles started to move forward with his nasties...
..and found some tasty marine bikers to chew on!!

 Sams Marines gathered together around an objective to try and hold it as long as possible.

 While on the other side of the board, a well executed vector strike tore my Raider apart killing 2 of my Kabalite warriors as they scrabbled for safety.

 Sam brought on this flying fortress and introduced the Xenos to some pain
 Having being stuuck in combat, Sam wasted no time finishing off the Gene Stealers with the help of the Hell Drake

 My Wraithknight made it into combat...

 ....and inflicted 8 wounds turning Sams Land Raider into a steaming Wreck and forcing its passengers to disembark...

 ....where they quickly charged at the waiting Wraithknight with the support of the Sam's now free Knight....
 ...and with a roll of a 6 on its Destroyer Weapon, wrecked the Wraithknight. This put me and Charles into a 'we must survive' state of play.

 Charles's Dimachaeron continued its rampage across the board....

...Until a lucky shot from the Harvester cannon finally took its last wound. Sam and Dae hid their emotions well here I think!!

 Both of Sams aerial units continued to cause casualties across the board, quickly reducing the number of Xeno units left in play.

 The Chaos team had nothing left to oppose their march forward into the Xeno half of the board.

  Only a handful of Xeno units were now left alive. By the end of turn 4, there was 5 points in it, and only 2 Tyranid flyers and a squad of Dark Repers were left. Sam and Dae realized that to win they would have to table the Xeno team...

A successful charge was enough to take down the Dark Reapers...

 Leaving everything else free to target the 2 Flyers....

 ....after a high amount of shots were thrown at them, the impossible happened....they survived!!

With the final roll of the die, and getting a 1, the game ended. The Chaos team secured a further 3 points bringing them upto 13 with the Xeno team holding on 15. Somehow, we had won, by the skin of our teeth we had managed to avoid being tabled to get the win. It was so uncomfortably close, with the Xeno army going ito full 'runaway and hide to survive' mode at the end of turn 3!!

I would like to thank Charles for his part in the win, and of course Sam and Dae for putting up an awesome fight. It was such a challenge and that made it incredibly enjoyable.

Thanks Guys!!


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