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Eldar vs Tzeentch 2000 points match

Hi All, Martin here.

Sam recently asked me for a 2000 point game so he could try out his Tzeentch army to get a feel for what units he might put together to make a competative list. Normally I would just run, in true Saim Hann style, Jetbikes, Jetbikes and a few Jetbikes on the side but Sam asked if I could bring all my 'Big Guns' so he could really see hopw his army performed.

I took:

Craftworld Warhost

Windrider Host consisting of a Skyrunner Farseer, A skyrunner Warlock, A vyper with 2 Shuriken Cannons and 3 squads of 3 Windriders, all upgraded with Shuriken Cannons.

A Nightspinner

A Fire Prism

A Wraithknight with 2 Heavy Wraithcannons

Aspect Host consiting of 4 Dark Reapers, 5 Fire Dragons and 5 Warp Spiders

Combined Arms Detachment

HQ - Warlock

Troops - 3 sqauds of 5 Dire Avengers (Dire Avenger Shrine formation)

Elites - 5 Wraithgaurd

Fast Attack - Crimson Hunter

Heavy Support - Vaul's Wrath Support Battery with a D-Cannon

We deployed for Contact Lost counting the hills as a 5+ cover save due to a lack of ruins available.

Sam won the roll and took the 1st turn after I failed to take the initiative.

His flying HQ's made quick work getting right in to the fight!!

 I havent really used my Wraithknight before so I sat it at the back for most of the game taking overpowered shots at Sams Daemons. In future I will be alot more agressive with it and get it into the fight for some Fist-i-cuffs!!

 Sams skimmers brought the fight to my side of the field, quickly joined by his Warlord

 I threw as much fire power at them as I could and quickly reduced them to a smoking wreck.

 Sams Horrors made a conga line to hold objective 3 whilst still being in range for his Psychic attacks (He had in excess of 30 Warp charges per turn!!) 
My warp spiders later jumped over and quickly despatched them back to the hell they came from

Sam played very wisely holding vital cover and at 1st casting multiple Cursed Earths to give himself a re-rollable  2+ Invun Save!! Thankfully his units started to seperate by turn 2 reducing this to something I could actually deal damage to.

It was an awesome game, and it ended with me winning by a single Line breaker point!! Im looking forward to Sams next test list!!


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