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August Apocalypse

Hi All, Its Martin.

Our very own Sam, with the help of Matt and Andy from Worcester Wargames put together an Apocalypse game that saw the mighty Imperial armies battling against every Xeno army going (I played my Eldar on the Xeno's team). To allow this to happen, all Xeno's were made allies of convenience to prevent us turning on each other! From Six Up save other than myself, we had Jamie 1 and 2, Bruce, Sam, Dae, and Matt playing in the event.

The tournament was a 1 day main event with a sub mission played the night before.

Each team had a 'Warlord', Dae for the Xeno's and SUS's newest member Jamie2 for the Imperium. It was their task to coordinate their respective teams towards their targets and agendas. I would say both did an awesome job at keeping their teams in order and directing troops to where they were needed.

Each player had 2000 points to spend on their chosen armies but they could only have 1 LOW / Gargantuan per list and within the team, only 1 of any unique characters ie Eldrad. Some players were allowed more points for their armies to balance out when a few players sadly dropped out last minute.

The sub Mission:

The Xenos attacked on 2 tables (the 2 sides of the city held by the imperium) and their objective was to destroy 2 shield generators. The catch was they had to be with about 15 inches to shoot the generator itself, and anything lost on the night couldn't be played the next day.

At the end of the night the Xeno's managed to destroy 1 of the generators meaning 1 side of the city would be 'open' at the start of the next day. The other side would have an overcharged shield wall which we would have to destroy before we could gain entrance. To accomplish this however we lost a Fire Prism, a Night spinner, a Lord of change, a Riptide and 2 Soul Grinders!! It was a fun night but the Xeno team really needed to field many more units, we simply didnt have the firepower to do what we needed to do effectively.

The main Event:

I was one of the players given an extra 1000 points to cover missing team members. Here's my 3000 points minus the lost Night Spinner and Fire Prism

Again the battle was to be fought on 2 fronts, the objective was to breach the city and grab the relic being held in the central tower.

On the one front, Eldar, Tau and Tyranids with the addition of a couple of Daemons which were to be all held back by the shield generator wall.

On the other front, Orks, Necrons and more Daemons!!

The Imperium dug themselves into their city

Each turn random events were played to keep the battle in a state of constant flux!! We had everything from Cultists appearing inside the city, who, if killed, would turn into a bloodthirster!! To a Dark Eldar Plague bomb going off hitting everything within 12" of the relic with a 2+ Poisoned, instant death and haywire strike. The imperials were given events such as, fleets in orbit turning their attention to the planet and shooting apoc sized blasts at the Xenos, to bringing D3+3 dead units back from the dead as reserves!!

 Thanks to destroying the 1 shield the night before, we had 1 open wall to gain entry to the city, of course the Imperium defended it with as much as they could!!

Our 1st breach into the city came from a Tyranid drop pod and some Jet Bikes

By Lunchtime, we had gone through 2 turns, and hadnt really made much progress into the city!!

During turn 2, 4 Eldar warp gates had appeared on the field allowing instant transport between each other (and each table half) as long as a unit was within 6" of the gate.

 The Xeno team got up close and personal to the shield generator before destroying it.....

......because there were some nasties sat on the other side of the wall!!!

Just as we breached the city, Andy from Worcester Wargames dropped his army into play!! Needless to say, it got our attention!!

More and more Xeno Units started to breach into the city

It quickly became apparent that the boards outside the city were just too big and didnt give the Xeno army a real chance to get inside the city with anything but their fastest units, so on the final turn it was a scramble to get as many models inside as possible to decide the winner. It ended with the Imperium winning.

Even being on the losing team, I can say I had a great day. The constant changing of the game via the random events and the general good spirit of everyone on the day made it a very enjoyable event. Many Thanks to all!!


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