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30K army and first outing for the iron warriors

Hey guys, Sam here wanting to share a little about the progress of my iron warriors and my first heresy game in 6 months!
About a year ago I began collecting a pre-heresy Salamander army. I Enjoyed playing it and took it to a few events. Then I read Angel Exterminatus, Iron Warriors omnibus and Storm of Iron. This persuaded me to abandon the green armoured emperor loving pansies and begin a legion with real metal!
in the words of The D: "you can't kill the metal!"

Iron Warriors really appealed to me because they struck me as a legion which could be used for dual purpose as well as having a lot of components that I like. I run these as chaos marines as well as pre heresy marines. Their pragmatism and seige warfare is cool as well as them being undivided, so I can run them with either daemon army :)

So my army as it stands is around 6000 points with Perturabo (next order) and I am nearly at the end of a collection. There are a few units here and there but overall I think I am more or less finished.

Army includes
Narik and 4 castellax with darkfire 

3 dreadnoughts with drop pods
2 contemptor mortis
3 Laser destroyers
Tyrant seige terminators
Lightning claw terminators

2 10 man tac squads
3 rhinos


3 preds with plasma destroyers
Fire raptor
Iron havocs with missiles
Iron havocs with lascannons
Spartan tank

Imperial Knight 
Typhon heavy seige tank

I will be adding a shadowsword and maybe some more artillery!

So I have painted and based everything bar perturabo and a squad of havocs and played against Jamie Shouler the other week. Information i sparse as I did not take notes and the ipad ran out of battery but I hope you enjoy the pics. It was a 3500 point game warriors vs world eaters and was a great laugh!

We played standard kill points.
Jamie is in the middle.
Some of Jamies deployment. His sicarian looks scary!
My deployment
The rest of my deployment. Really happy with vehicle chevrons!
My dreadnought talon with grav guns! Arrived like a wizard!
Tyrant seige terminators punching down a contemptor
Melta squad behind knight. I put so much fire power into that thing!
In comes the raptor! It shot a few things and then died spectacularly! Jamies storm eagle did very well!
Lightning and knight advance!
So this was start of the bottom of turn two. Things were looking good for me at this point.
Things start to go bad, here comes angry ron!
And there are the butchers
Angry Ron cutting through termnators like a hot knife through butter!

I am sorry to say my ipad ran out of battery here.
Ron cut through squad after squad before finally being out down by my lascannons.
Jamie did in fact table me but I had an absolute blast!
Cheers for the game mate!

I will get a few pics of my army when I sort out a better camera / lightbox
We will also look at a batrep soon!

Cheers for reading y'all!
Starting a heresy game? How are you finding it?
Please leave comments below :)


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