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Sams Chaos / 30K bases

Hi guys! Following a tournament recently I realised that my models needed some more work. I am pleased with my models but found their bases lacking.
This is also an effort to prevent myself from buying more models and finish off some of my armies. So I am rebasing my entire chaos collection. All 16000 of it! 
The following is a picture tutorial detailing how I am going to do them.

First off my choices.
I wanted to unify my three armies. Tzeentch, Nurgle and Chaos Undivided. To do this required some thought as each of these armies are fairly different. I decided on basing the iron warriors as if they are winning/fighting in a siege, as is their speciality. 
To unify my three armies as I want to ally them at will I decided to make it look like the daemons presence is causing reality to crumble and slowly the battlefield slowly shift into a daemonic realm. To represent this I have based them similarly but applied slime and a glow effect at the bottom of the bases. I hope you enjoy these pictures and when the armies are finished I will post pictures.

First of all I glued a piece of cork onto a base. I used super glue for a better hold.
Then I tore up some smaller pieces of cork and glued them in random patterns on top. I made sure that there was enough surface area to glue my models on and also had some overhanging the bottom layer.
I then dabbed super glue in random places and sprinkled sand and small stones onto the base. Taking care to leave space for models at the end.
I then spayed the entire model with vallejo model air black brown. This would give the base an earthy colour at the end. Taking care to fill in all the outside gaps where drybrushing will not reach.

The next step was to paint the top side of the cork with vallejo model air's medium brown.

To finish the rocks I drybrushed with citadels skaag brown. Making sure to get the edges. This gives the rocks a more brick like appearance as the brown has an orangey look.
Then coat the stones with skavenblight dinge
And to finish off the communal painting highlight those stones with dawnstone

Each army will use those steps but will then go off to have their own unique parts.

Iron warriors have imperial fist parts and army painter swamp turf applied to the bases.

Nurgle has a wet blend of caliban green, warpstone glow, moot green and flash gitz before having water effect applied.
From underneath I sprayed with warpstone glow giving a glowing, pulsing effect from the base.

Tzeentch has a similar blend of blue, lothrian blue and  ceramite white before also having water effect.
Vallejos deep blue is sprayed from underneath to achieve their glow effect.

All bases have the rims of their bases painted black and are done.

Finally I pin all the models to bases but this is not 100% neccesary.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you want to share your basing ideas then please feel free to comment.



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