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Doubles Tourny

Sam here with quick game analysis from the tourny yesterday.

The day was hosted by Andy and Mike (Worcester Wargames and Code 40K) and consisted of three games throughout the day. After submitting lists, we were paired with people who had a similar faction to us. 8 of the Six Up guys were there and we all had a great time.

My first game was against two people who had not been playing an awful lot of 7th edition and ran Guard and Space Marines. My Predators plasma made short work of the Marine players Terminators and the combined efforts of myself and Ben's Chaos Rhinos full of men cut through the Guard. The game ended fairly close due to an unlikely set of saving throws against the marine holding the relic. Hate storm shields! Haha!
Nevertheless, a win is a win and they were fun to play against.

Game two was by far the most fun against Tau that I have ever had, and the most successful. My Fire Raptor tore through crisis teams but we could not do more than dent the three Riptides so we left them until the end. I managed to score 14 victory points in Maelstrom alone despite getting two ones on my first two D3 scores. Our tactic was simple against Tau, flat out move all four Rhinos, Possessed, Havocs and spawn up in their face turn one and overwhelm. It worked!

Game three was the game I was dreading, getting a chuckle out of the other players when they heard the groan at the pre-game announcement. Playing Six up Saves Damien and Jack. Two Ork players who I had seen play very well in the past. To make the game even more scarey was the fact that Damien had taken his Stompa. That thing was evil, shooting 5-6 units a turn with 12 hull points and a 5+inv. I thought the game over before it began really. They also took the initiative. Which sucked, haha!

For this mission I was going for Maelstrom and the cards liked me, scoring a few cards every turn due to my mobile beasts and targeting the weak vehicles for unit kills. Somehow, the Stompa did not kill anything significant the first few turns but put a lot of wounds on a range of things. Night fighting and hugging cover helping as I was rolling high on saves. Then, I am ashamed to say I brought the cheese. Summoning a Herald and Horrors turn one from my Sorcerer (no perils :) ), they both rolled a 6 on their Malefic power. Allowing me to summon two Lords of Change turn two. These were useful distractions and proved vital in clearing Orks off objectives. My Meltas took the Stompa down to one hull point but in the end. No hat for me.

My team mate Ben was in a rather desperate battle with Jack's Orks on the right flank and suffered most of the attacks. He held the flank, which allowed us to keep our objectives and moved his cultists out of a ruin for a last turn eternal war objective.
 The last game drew quite a crowd, you can see Sam's frustration, even from behind!

The tournament concluded with me coming first, beating Martin's team by a single point overall! Damien's team came third as well which shows how well they did in their games to come third with two wins!

However, the greatest achievement for Six Up Save in my opinion is Paul winning the vote for best painted army! Well done mate!

Thanks to everyone who took part! Had a great time and kept my title. Hat trick! :p

(follow him on Flikr with the link above :D ) 


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