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Six Up Save!

Welcome to the Six Up Save Blog!
We are a small group of lads from the West Midlands in the UK who paint, model and play tabletop wargames.
As a group we cover several systems, Batman Knight Minis, Starwars Armarda, Deadman's Hand but our main focus is currently Warhammer 40,000.

This blog will (hopefully) follow our exploits across inter-group leagues, local and national tournaments as well as taking a focused look at our armies, list building guides, painting tips and neat conversion ideas.

To start off, let's take a look at our current member roster and their chosen armies:

Bruce - Blood Angels, Tyranids and Chaos Marines

Damien - Orks, White Scars and Khorne Daemonkin

Sam - Nurgle Daemons, Tzeentch Daemons and Chaos Undivided / 30K Iron Warriors

Matt - Iron hands/Clan Raukaan and Dark Eldar

Stone- Necrons and Tzeentch Daemons

Jamie- Space Wolves and Orks

Charles- Tyranids

Martin- Eldar and Dark Eldar

Paul- Nurgle Chaos Space Marines

Several of our members have recently been taking part in the local tournament scene run by Worcester Wargames and the Code Design team, and at the end of April Sam, Matt, Damien and Bruce had a blast at the Bristol Vanguard tourney.

We have a diverse bunch of members, some who have been playing for years and some who have very recently started. Some of us are more into the modelling side of the hobby, where others prefer to focus more on the gaming side of things. 
Although some of us do enjoy the tournament scene, most of our games are casual, fluffy or narrative led games. It is my hope to post bat reps with pictures or links to our YouTube channel so you can enjoy the stories we create on the tabletop.

Thanks for visiting, please feel free to comment, leave us feedback and share your own pics / vids / stories in the comments below. :)


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Confessions of a Warhammer Wife

Confessions of a Warhammer Wife

Bruce’s obsession with Warhammer was only revealed to me during our second year of dating. We had been together a long time by then – had even lived together for the majority of that time while at University. And still I didn’t know about this one aspect of Bruce’s nerd-dom. When Bruce and I first began dating I was fully aware of – even besotted by - his nerdy credentials. Together we had played hours of Halo 3 and Mario Kart, swapped manga and even visited the cinema for a solo late night screening of Star Trek. Yet this did not prepare me for what would become one of his main loves in life.
It all started back in 2012. We had been living separately back at our parents’ homes after University – me in Yorkshire, he in Worcester. I would often travel down to visit him and on one such occasion I was told of a new friend Bruce had made through work. Damien. They had apparently bonded when Bruce had taken on old model – a Tyranid Warrior I believe – into his …

Death korps of Krieg

Hello everyone, Sam here, it has been a while since I have posted on here and wanted to share what I have been working on. My first loyalist (shudder) army. Also my first guard army. 
Over the past 10 months or so I have been slowly building and painting a Death Korps of Krieg army using the seige of Vraaks book. I have been attempting a unit a week but like we all do my attention and attitude towards painting blows hot and cold.
I was origionally drawn to Krieg due to their post apocalyptic / menacing appearance and thought that they would be perfect for a renegades army. However the more that I read and planned the army, the more interested in the Krieg themselves that I became. This lead me to my first order of death riders and the other more krieg units. This is not to say that i wont experiment with renegades as i have found some wicked looking zombie krieg models that I may incorperate in the future. I expect this army to play in a totally different style to those I currently use …

Echoes of War

Hello everyone, Sam here with a write up on another awesome weekend of dice and fun in Cardiff. Our hosts for the weekend, the Vale Renegades  are a group that we met over a year ago at a tournament in Bristol and since then have attended several of each other’s tournaments. Echoes of War was an ITC event with 34 competitors at the fantastic venue of Firestorm Games. This post is going to have a brief overview of the day as well as a few pictures and synopsis of all 5 games that I had over the weekend. So Sam, Bruce, Chris, Jamie and Jack were joined by Jack’s brother Scott (making them the Brothers Grimdark), Tom Baker from Code40K and Battered Bristles ( ( and Ian, made the 2 hour or so drive down to Cardiff for a weekend of games. A few of us had been to their last tournament Seeds of Destruction last September and were very excited about returning. Prior to the event, the Vale Renegades shared a list of all…