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Batman - Harley Crew vs Riddler Crew

Hey all, its Martin,

With my Riddler crew fully assembled and painted, I was itching to have a game of Batman, and Bruce took me up on the offer. Bruce took the Global Plan Strategy and so selected the 'Ambush' Scenario. His team became the attackers as he had a higher model count. I had selected the Fast Advance and Patrol strategies, allowing me a larger deployment zone, and also allowing me to deploy 1 model outside of this zone. In hindsight, the Fast advance was a bad idea as it reduced the areas I could deploy my Clue Markers!! I would have been better to choose a strategy like 'snitch', to cancel out one of my opponent strategies; in this game it would have forced a random scenario again.

Being the attacker, Bruce had to divide his crew into 2 teams and deploy 1 team within 10cm of the table edge on 2 opposite sides of the fantastic board created by Andy from Worcester Wargames. Within each of these teams.

I then deployed my crews inside a 20cm wide area running down the middle of the board. I tried to keep the bots spread out so they could all run off and start dropping clue markers asap.

 I started The Riddler and Hush on top of a stack of containers, the idea was that they could drop down on either side depending on where the threats came from 1st.

 I had my Prisoner and a Mk1 on the very edge of the deployment zone ready to start dropping clue markers.

 Bruce broke each of his teams up into 3 man squads

 I gave 2 of my Bots a Grapple gun so I could really get to those harder to reach places

 Bruce starting hitting the Riddler straight away with shotgun blasts

 Having survived 1 shot, it wasn't long before another blast hit the Riddler

 Hush took up a position next to the ammo crate and started returning fire against the shotgun toting goon.
 I moved my Prisoner goon over to try and protect The Riddler whilst he made an escape. By now he had taken 3 shotgun hits and had 1 endurance left!!

 They seem to have taken the bait

 I really made the most of the Grapple guns

 Solomon kept a squad of 3 goons busy on the other side of the board....

 ...turning them to pulp very quickly.

 Mr Hammer caught up with one of my Mk1 Bots...

 ....and was quickly joined by Harley

 With just 1 endurance left, Riddler was on the run to find somewhere warm and safe to hide himself....but Bruce was having none of it. His machine gun goon had to move to take a ROF 1 shot using the last of his ammo in an attempt to finish him off....and missed!! Some how the Riddler had survived and incredible amount of firepower so far in the game.

 Having taken out all of my crew with the exception of my Mk 2 bot, which was on the other side of the board trying to keep the clue markers active, and Solomon, Bruces Crew began to remove as many Clue markers as possible whilst grabbing his own objectives.

In the last turn, Solomon made it over and KO'd another goon, it would have been interesting to see how he managed against Harley.

The game ended and Bruce won by 6 points. It was a fantastic game with so much going on in every game turn. 

Looking back I can see that dropping as many clues as possible at the start is good, but they need to be much more spread out otherwise its far to easy to remove them again. I can also see that Bruce employed the tactic to kill my bots off first, ignoring the clue markers until later in the game which prevented me from dropping more in a larger area. 

I look forward to my next game of Batman...


  1. Nice report, can I ask how you made your clue markers?

    1. Hi Liam, Welcome to the Six up Save Blog. Thanks for your comments :D

      To make the Clue Markers, I used the tops of some old Imperial Sector parts I had laying around as the bases. Check out the below web address to see the ones I mean. From there it was a simple case of making a small groove in them so that the Riddler markers (from KM) would fit and then glue in place.


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